Your NOT To-Do List

I have a confession. I’m one of those people who will write something on my list that I’ve already done just to mark it off. Have you ever done that?

I have kept some kind of planner since middle school. I love making lists! My daughters watched me do this and even before they could write they would scribble lists.

Even though I do love a to-do list to get things done, I’ve recently learned the importance of a not-to-do list. A not-to-do list is the things you shouldn’t be spending time on to free you up for the important things. Think of all the big and little things that are on your list to get done every day. Some are super important and only you can do them, but there might be a better way to get them done. Some are probably important, but someone else could do them for you and maybe even more efficiently. Let’s be honest, there are some things that if you didn’t get done that you wouldn’t even notice.

What are some weekly “chores” you do that could be automated, delegated or even eliminated?


Family dinners have always been a high priority for us. Brady and I grew up that way and we wanted our girls to have the same experience. This became super challenging when they all were activities from church, dance, basketball, voice lessons, drill team, choir, etc. It became a big puzzle how to plan meals around our crazy schedule. Our dinner time varied every night. I always had my calendar out when planning meals. Busy nights we’d have a crockpot meal that was ready whenever we needed it. I planned lots of simple meals that everyone liked. The new recipes or more involved cooking were for the weekend or less busy nights.

Over the years, I’ve automated our meal planning. Mondays are typically crockpot meals. Tuesday’s are for tacos. (We do live in Texas). Wednesday’s are a sheet pan meal where everything is cooked on one sheet pan- meat & veggies. Thursday night is leftover night. On Friday, we go out to eat. Saturdays is when Brady grills and sometimes cooks extra for the week. Sunday, we have a big brunch then everyone fixes their own light supper.

Another way I automate is online grocery shopping! I first started when Walmart introduced it. Now I use Kroger Clicklist. I order my groceries and choose a pickup time. I pull into a designated parking spot and they load my groceries. The best part is the start your cart feature that remembers what you typically buy. I add in ingredients for meals that week and then I’m ready. It’s a huge timesaver and totally worth the $5 fee, so I’m not buying impulse items we don’t need. (Ever shopped when you’re hungry?)

The advantage of automating meal planning and grocery shopping is I then have the time and energy to meal prep and actually cook the healthy meals for us. It meant a lot fewer drive thru meals.

A super easy task to automate is bill paying.  If you’re still writing checks and mailing them, you can save time by signing up for automatic billing.

What tasks can you automate?


Years ago when we were in the thick of kids’ activities and growing our business, Brady convinced me to hire a housekeeper to come every other week. I’ll admit cleaning is not my gift, so it sounded like a luxury. It turned out to be a huge time saver for me so I could get other things done. My time was definitely spent better on other things.

Brady loves yardwork (crazy in my mind) but needed to free up his time to grow the business and have chill time with the family. He hired a yard service to mow and edge. Now he just gets to do it when he wants and doesn’t have to do it. It has been totally worth the money for the return on time!

Delegating tasks doesn’t mean you have to hire them out.  Brady and I have tasks at home that we’re best at.  When the girls are home, they are on dish duty.  Don’t forget to ask your family to help out to free your time up.  How do you split up household chores?

What tasks can you delegate?


I bet you can think of things that you do because you feel obligated to do but don’t serve you, your family, and your goals. The next time you’re asked to do something if it’s not a “Heck Yes!” then it’s a “Big No!” Life is too short for activities that drain you.

How much time are you mindlessly scrolling social media? Could you have designated times to do this? What could you do with the time instead?

How many hours are you spending watching tv a week? Is your energy drained by spending time with negative people? What if you exchanged some of that time for furthering your goals?

Everything on your to-do-list is not important.  What tasks can you eliminate?

What doesn’t serve you?

For those tasks you decide are on your NOT to-do list, what does that free you up to do?  Will you have more time to cook healthy meals?  Will you have time to go for a walk?  Maybe a hobby that brings you joy can be on your list now instead.  Or just simply have time to dream of what’s next for you.

As for me, I realized writing blogs every week is something I need to put on my not-to-do list right now while I build my coaching business. I will be sharing lots of tips over on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube so be sure to follow me @jennywaterswellness.

When you ditch the things on your not-to-do list, you have time to take care of yourself!  If you’re ready to take control of your health, I have a signature Transformation Group Coaching Program called Aging to Amazing that helps you reduce inflammation so that you can stop feeling so old and tired!  I walk you through an elimination diet to figure out what foods love you back and break through old thought patterns that hold you back.  It will help you utilize nutrition, mindset, sleep, and exercise to go from Aging to Amazing!  Join the waiting list to be one of the first to know when the next session opens!

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