Treat Yo’Self!!

Try this the next time you treat yourself!

Try these:
• Pausing to ask yourself better questions.
• Choosing your plus one. The one extra indulgence not everything on the buffet!
• Determining if the taste is worth the way it makes you feel.
I wanted to give you another tool to both enjoy delicious food AND maintain a healthy eating plan. It’s called the 3 Bite Rule.
Imagine, you see your favorite all-time dessert that Aunt Martha makes on the buffet table at the family reunion. You don’t want all the sugar, but your mouth is watering for this special treat. The internal debate begins.
This is the perfect time to stay in control and fully enjoy the special food Get enough for 3 bites and sit down to fully taste it.
• The first bite is to let the taste explode in your mouth and say hello to deliciousness!
• The second bite is to fully savor the flavor in your mouth. Slowly chew and appreciate the taste!
• The final bite is to say goodbye until next time. Pay attention to how it tastes and mindfully enjoy the experience.

If you take the experience slow, you’ll get more enjoyment out of those three bites than if you scarfed the whole thing down in excitement.
All of these tactics are meant to help you enjoy food without feeling deprived and without losing sight of your health goals.
There’s a reason restrictive diets don’t work. We don’t like to feel deprived for long and usually don’t address the old thinking patterns that have us overeating in the first place.
When you’re ready for some extra accountability to eat better while also taking care of your mental health, I’m just an email away! Let’s talk about what’s the next right step for you.
Life’s too short to spend it struggling with yourself over what to eat! You deserve to feel amazing without dieting!

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