Set yourself up for success

Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions For Success

In the days of raising kids, we all knew that how we started the morning made a huge difference in everyone’s moods heading out the door!  I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of the morning scramble to get grumpy kids to school who have “nothing to wear” and can’t find their homework!

We all learned how to set our kids up for a smoother morning to lessen the chaos and potential for meltdowns.

Our best chance of a good morning was started the night before when we’d pack lunches, lay out clothes, and prep back packs.

When you are creating a new habit to reach a new goal, you can use this same strategy that you already know to be kind to the future you!

 Set Up For Success

 Often, you’ll hear a coach say, “Set yourself up for inevitable success.” What, exactly, does it mean to be set up for inevitable success?

Simply put, setting yourself up for inevitable success is creating the best possible conditions to thrive and succeed with whatever goal you set.  It means to avoid the trap of self-sabotage—whether consciously or subconsciously.  It’s mapping the best route to your end goal.

  • It’s meal planning and prepping so you have it ready to go on days you don’t feel like cooking.
  • It’s scheduling your workout earlier in the day before you get tired.
  • It’s starting your morning with some quiet time to plan your day before others try to.

It’s also being aware of the known pitfalls along the way.  When you know what can possibly get in your way, you can plan for these challenges and avoid or overcome the obstacles more easily. This creates the best chance for your eventual success.

So you won’t be tempted by the vending machine, you pack healthy snacks when hunger strikes.  Or you lay out workout clothes so it’s one less step to get out the door and just do it!

Plan For Success

Knowing how to set up for inevitable success does not guarantee success 100% of the time.  However, without planning for and mapping out the steps to take, success is less likely to happen.  So you could say that planning for your success is probably the easiest way or the fast track to the finish line.

Thoughts -> Feelings ->Your Personal Philosophy (Beliefs) -> Actions à Results (Success or Failure)

Did you know that whether or not you achieve success could be ultimately traced back to your personal philosophy? Your personal philosophy—what you believe to be true—includes subconscious programming from childhood as well as what you believe to be true throughout your life.  One of the best ways to set yourself up for inevitable success is to have a check-in with your belief system.

Things you’ve been told over the years that you’ve repeated in your head become core beliefs.  Surprisingly, some of your limiting beliefs were actually given to you as a child unintentionally.  The thoughts and feelings you have repeated become part of your beliefs that guide your actions.

Your Beliefs and Thoughts

Check in with your core values and what you believe to be true about yourself.  These beliefs create your thoughts and what you tell yourself about the world and your place within it.  Do you have thoughts that are empowering or do you believe that you’re not worthy of experiencing success?

Notice what you tell yourself when you declare your new goal.  What reasons immediately pop up that tell you why you can’t reach that goal?

What are your thoughts about money as a benchmark for success?  If your belief is that money is the root of all evil, it will feel as if you’re out of integrity to strive to create wealth.  That might lead to self-sabotage—whether you’re aware of it or not.

What are your thoughts about your weight?  If you were told your whole life that your family is just big and it’s inevitable that you’ll get diabetes, you will struggle unless you rewire that belief.

Your thoughts are constantly forming in your mind seemingly without your control. Research shows that we each have approximately 60-80,000 thoughts on average per day. Most of these thoughts are automatically negative unless your underlying personal philosophy is of a positive nature.

Most are on automation to save your brain’s energy.  When you notice the automatic negative thoughts (ANTs), question them, and replace them with a better thought.  You can change your beliefs by repeatedly thinking that better thought.  The great news is when you change your beliefs you change your results!

Your Actions

Your behavior and actions are controlled by your thoughts.  So your philosophy is responsible for your thoughts and your thoughts are responsible for your actions. It’s also responsible for what you choose NOT to do—your inactions.

The best predictor for your future behavior is past behavior.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes.  In order to get a different result, have it be sustainable and keep those results coming, you need to go back to your belief system, your philosophy and check in there.  Believe in yourself, your inevitable success and that you are worthy of success.

Most people jump right into action (behavior) to create a new result without going deeper into their personal beliefs.  However, anchoring new action steps with a belief that you are worthy and deserving of success is necessary to get sustainable results.

This is why the first step in my Midlife Health Revival program is working on your thought plan.  I show you how to you gain clarity and see where you might have been sabotaging yourself in the past.


Set Up For Success

Once your personal philosophy is examined and you’ve let go of any old limiting beliefs or assumptions, you’re ready for a plan, a system, and action steps.  Creating a thought plan for success is the first step I walk you through in my Fueled For Fun group!  Most diet or exercise programs skip this first crucial step and that’s why they don’t last!  Click HERE to learn more!


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