The Best Costco Paleo Shopping List

Switching styles of eating made meals at home a more regular occurrence.  We can’t use the crutch of a fast food meal when we aren’t feeling like cooking.  Cooking meals at home takes a lot more preparation to make sure you have everything.  I thought I’d share my Costco paleo shopping list to help you stock your kitchen for easy paleo meals.

I now try to have stuff on hand in my kitchen for quick and easy meals.  This summer I made the switch from Sam’s club to Costco.  I had heard Costco carried a lot of more organic foods.  Sam’s had started feeling like more of a fast food/ vending machine type supplier.

I have been pleased to find some of my favorite Paleo brands at Costco.  The bigger sizes help me keep them in stock better too.  After Christmas, I took my daughters for us all to restock.  The girls wanted good food for their kitchens as well.

Time for a top 10 list!  Here are my Top 10 favorite Costco paleo finds:

1. Healthy Oils

    • Avocado Oil- We use avocado oil for a lot of high temperature cooking such as sheet pan meals. This bigger jar will last us a long time.  My college girls use it for an entire semester.  Avocado oil has a high smoking point so it’s ideal to use in higher temperatures.  It’s a better oil to use than vegetable or canola oil, both of which cause inflammation.
    • Coconut Oil- We also use coconut oil for a lot of our cooking. It’s easy to use to grease pans, too.  Bonus- it’s also great to use as a makeup remover.
    • Olive Oil- Olive oil is best used on lower temperatures. We love to use it as a salad dressing too!

2. Spices

Everyone should have their favorite spices they use.  This makes food much more flavorful and enjoyable to eat.

  • At our house, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and Everything but the Bagel seasoning are the most popular.
  • We bought the jars and divided it among us. Here are my favorite spice jars.

3. Grass Fed Burgers

    • I love that Costco carries grass fed burgers in a 15 pack. These are easy to take out of the freezer and cook for a quick meal.

4. Organic Chicken Thighs

    • This comes in a 3 pack. Chicken thighs are easy to cook, and I find more flavorful than a dry chicken breast.  Broil them in the oven with some avocado oil and Everything but the Bagel seasoning plus some veggies for another quick meal.


5. Fresh Produce

    • Costco carries a lot of organic produce.
    • I found a big bag of broccoli florets that I divided up and froze for future meals.
    • They also carry spinach and lettuce in bulk. I chop it up on the weekend and eat it most meals during the week.  Sneaking in greens when I can.

6. Frozen Organic produce

    • You can buy in bulk frozen veggies like butternut squash, frozen fruits, and even frozen avocado chunks. These are all great to have on hand for quick meals or smoothies.


7. Coconut Milk

    • Thai Coconut Milk- I substitute dairy ingredients with coconut milk. This reduces inflammation and still gives me the creamy taste.  I like having cans on hand for recipes.
    • Coconut Milk for smoothies

8. Primal Kitchen Mayo

    • This mayonnaise is made with olive oil and other good ingredients.  It’s also great in recipes to give a creamy taste.  You don’t have to be scared to use mayo again when you have good quality ingredients.

9. Chicken Apple Sausage

    • These sausages are another quick meal to have on hand. Roast some vegetables in the oven while you brown cut up sausage.  It’s a delicious and quick meal.

10. Healthy Snacks

    • Siete chips make a great snack or side of taco night. They are grain free with good ingredients.
    • Duke’s Sausages are an easy way to have a protein snack. We use these for times when we aren’t sure we’ll have access to paleo foods.

Some honorable mentions to the list are almond butter, almond flour, seeds, POW protein pasta, paleo granola, and Uncured black forest ham.

Costco made it easy to stock up on some kitchen staples to make sure I can do some quick and easy healthy meals.  I would suggest going on a Tuesday or Wednesday and not on the weekend, unless you like fighting the crowds.

Costco helps you stay out of the drive thru line by having healthy ingredients in your kitchen.  Have a few go-to meals that you can pull together in a pinch.  You’ll feel better about eating the food and surprisingly it really doesn’t take that much longer.  Bonus you get to eat at your own table instead of in the car.  Check out My Favorites page for other pantry items you can get on Amazon.

What are your favorite finds at Costco?  Let me know!

Now that you know how to shop at Costco, do you wish menu planning was easier?  Check out my free mini course Menu Planning Made Easy!

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