It’s time to stop feeling frustrated with your health as you age!

You can TAKE BACK YOUR POWER by lowering inflammation, ditching the “midlife middle” and improving your mindset!

Don’t wait for a diagnosis from your doctor to get serious about reclaiming your health!

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Can you relate?

✅You’ve worked so hard on dieting before and thought you’d have it figured out by now, but your waist band gets a little tighter every year.

✅You don’t want another pill for your symptoms that your doctor says is common in aging women.

✅ You just want to enjoy food and feel good without having to calculate every bite.

✅ You have an autoimmune disease and you don’t want it to limit your life.

✅ You are ready to spend your time and money on enjoying life instead of medications and doctor visits.

✅ You don’t have time for more trial and error to fix your health.  You need to know exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it!

I’ve been where you are and I discovered the “secret” wasn’t as hard as I thought…

My doctor looked me in the eyes and told me “You’re getting older, so just accept this is the way it’s going to be.”  I knew in my gut that she didn’t have the answers I needed!

Doctors’ pills were only a band aid to the root cause.  It was an answered prayer when I realized that improving my gut health improved all these symptoms.

My focus switched from “how can I restrict myself enough to lose weight and get healthier” to how can I nourish my body with what it needs.

When I learned what foods loved me back, I began to crave those foods because of how I felt.  Willpower and motivation weren’t an issue anymore.

This method helped to break from a diet mentality to a lifestyle change that I loved!

Imagine What Becomes Possible When I Help You...

Lower Inflammation
Have More Energy
Eat Real Food You Love!
Lower Stress
Be a Better Thinker
Nourish Your Body Not Punish It

I can help you revive your health so that you can thrive in your midlife!

We’ll work together to personalize your way of eating that works for your body, your tastes, and the unique way you are motivated.

You won’t be following my rules, but instead using my tools to create a healthy lifestyle that you love!

The time is NOW for you to feel vibrant to be active in the life God’s called you to!

Jenny Waters Empty Nest health coach

Way To Work With Me 1:1:

6 month Signature Program


Customized approach to transforming your health!

🌟In depth assessment of your personal health and wellness history

🌟12- 30 Min Coaching Sessions (2/month)

🌟Customized action plan and resources after each session

🌟1-2 email questions between sessions

🌟Check-in between sessions for accountability & support

Plus: 21-day Anti-inflammatory Meal Plan & Mindset Training

(payment plans available)

Hear what past clients have to say!

“Jenny has the experience and training it takes to help people make significant lifestyle changes in order to live a fuller and richer life, not only for themselves, but also for those they love!”

Henry: “Being diabetic I thought I was watching what I ate… Once I started on Jenny’s program,  my A1C number dropped from 7.4  to 5.2.  I can’t thank Jenny enough in helping me!”

Susan:  “I thought it would be hard to give up some foods, but it’s easier than you would think! Jenny helps make it that way!

When your health is better,
LIFE gets FUN!

Are you ready to get started on your journey to better health?

Here’s what to do next…

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