FUEL Your Body Group Coaching

This 28-Day Group Will Help You

FUEL Your Body To Have Energy

To Fuel your Dreams!

Fuel with Healthy and Delicious REAL Food
Upgrade Your Sleep for More Energy
Exercise To Energize Your Body
Love Yourself Back To Better Health
Jenny Waters empty nest health coach

My name is Jenny Waters and I’m a Certified Transformational Health Coach.  I love to help empty nesters find a better approach to health than the popular diet mentality.  I’m a health coach that teaches you to eat real food from your grocery store.  I don’t sell magic potions or pills.

I believe you change your habits when you feel good.  My clients learn they can actually enjoy healthy food and daily exercise.  They are surprised to learn how simple mindset shifts and sleep hacks make such a big difference.

My approach is to F.U.E.L. your body not punish it!  Fuel with good Food, Upgrade your Sleep, Exercise for Energy, and Love yourself.

Registration is only open for a limited time!

  • Did you decide to get healthier in 2021, but you dread going on another diet or starting a painful exercise plan?
  • Do you want to eat healthier but want to eat more variety than just boring chicken and salad?
  • Do you wish you could stick to an exercise routine because you actually liked it?
  • Do you wake up still feeling tired and long for better sleep?
  • Are you ready to love yourself back to better health instead of restricting yourself?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then this group is for you!

Join me in a 28- day group challenge where I’ll help you simplify your health transformation in a way that won’t feel like a chore.  Getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard!  When you have more energy, you can then start pursuing those dreams you hold dear!

This is NOT a restrictive diet with heavy workouts to whip your body into shape.  I take a more realistic and gentle approach that’s easier to maintain.

Fuel Your Body

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Registration Closes at 5 PM on Tuesday, January 26, 2021!

F.U.E.L. Your Body Group Includes:

  1. Weekly group coaching call on Mondays at 7 PM CST.  (replay available)
  2. Recipes to help you up your nutrition at least one meal a day.
  3. Weekly check-ins for accountability.
  4. Daily motivational emails to keep you encouraged.
  5. Learn the bite size habit approach for better eating, exercise, sleep, and self-care.
  6. We start on Monday, February 1, 2021.

Why Do You Need This Group?
And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

  1. Instead of restricting food, you’ll focus on filling your plate with healthy and delicious food.
  2. Learn how to develop an exercise routine that you love and that you will stick to.   No burpees unless you like them!😆
  3. Learn simple habits that can make a huge difference in your quality of sleep. 😴
  4. Loving yourself back to health with self-care habits and a better mindset. 😍
  5. We’ll make this health transformation a lot more fun than your standard diet/exercise plan!
  6. You’ve thought about working with me, but aren’t ready to commit to eliminating and testing inflammatory foods.
  7. This is a perfect way to ease into my Aging to Amazing program.

Imagine in just 28 days...

You’ve slowly learned to crave healthy food!

You are proud of sticking to your exercise goal!

You’re waking up more rested and ready for your day! 

You’re actually proud of yourself for starting off the year right!

Freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without any guilt!

You are making progress on your health goals!

You have energy to start working on your big dreams!

I cannot wait to help you over the next 28 days! I know exactly how it feels to go from overweight, tired, and out of shape to finally being able to feel good again and enjoying my healthy lifestyle!  It’s exactly why I’m so excited for you to ditch the old diet mentality and learn to nourish and fuel your body!  Start 2021 on the right track!