Aging to Amazing Group Coaching

This Aging to Amazing Group Will Help You Reclaim Your Health by Learning to Eat Real Whole Foods so YOU Can Begin

Living The Amazing Life You Deserve!

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Faster Progress
More Accountability
More Affordable
Setting Personal Goals

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  • The Aging to Amazing Group is ONLY for people willing to do the following:
    • Be open to trying new ways of eating and cooking
    • Be coachable
    • Challenge yourself
    • Have fun!
    • If you can comfortably do these four things, this may be a perfect fit for you.
  • The Aging to Amazing Group is for men and women who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and aren’t willing to accept that aging has to mean declining health and vitality.
  • This is for people who are tired of gimmicky diets and shakes to lose weight and feel better, because the results are fleeting at best. They want a sustainable way to nourish their body and feel amazing!
  • This isn’t for people who want a quick fix with a lot of strict rules.
  • The Aging to Amazing Group is NOT for anyone whose only measuring stick to success is quick weight loss. Weight loss typically happens, but the bigger goal is improving overall health that will be a lasting change. This is a group of people who all can visualize a healthier lifestyle and are on a mission to do what it takes to learn how to make it a reality!

Registration opening soon!

Stay tuned for next group opening!

This Group Is The Support System You Need!
Making Lifestyle Changes is Harder by Yourself.
Together We Will Help Each Other RECLAIM our Health, Truly Enjoy Food Again and Get On with Living The Amazing Life We Deserve!

You Will Be So Grateful That You Took Back Your Health By Joining This Group!


Changing your mindset to prepare for success


Learn what your body is hungry for


Sleep Better


Have energy and motivation to get moving

Why Do You Need This Group?
And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

  1. Learn techniques to improve your nutrition, your sleep, your movement, and your mindset!
  2. Become your own health detective and finally know what your body needs to be healthy!
  3. Learn to listen to what your body telling you!
  4. Learn easy food swaps that will leave you satisfied not deprived!
  5. Learn easy recipes & meal ideas even if you aren’t an experienced cook!
  6. Accountability and encouragement from the group will help you stick with the new way of eating and make it fun!


Claudia and Kurt Appel

Several months ago my husband began thinking about making changes about his food choices in hopes that he would start to feel better. After hearing about Brady’s medical issues and the eating changes he made, along with the considerable amount of weight Brady lost, my husband was all ears! I decided as empty nesters it would be fun to shop together and prepare meals with one another too. Once Kurt completed the program Jenny became my trainer as well.

Some days are more challenging than others but we both feel we are at a better place physically and spiritually because of the healthier choices we are making.

It should be noted that not only is Jenny a friend but someone I also trust 100%. I love being able to ask her anything about nutrition as well as fitness struggles I have.

Jenny is a fabulous cook and has given me so many recipes my husband and I enjoy. I love her videos and all of the Test Dummy’s comments. LOL.  All kidding aside, Jenny has the experience and training it takes to help people make significant lifestyle changes in order to live a fuller and richer life, not only for themselves, but also for those they love!

Susan and Henry McKenzie

Henry: “Being diabetic I thought I was watching what I ate, my lab work for my A1C before I started with Jenny was 7.4 and 7.2.  Once I started on Jenny’s program, it has been 5.2 and 5.1.  I can’t thank Jenny enough in helping me!”

Susan: “After I completed the Aging to Amazing course, I felt better and lost some weight.  I wanted to lose that icky feeling and help Henry feel better, which happened!  I thought I would be hard to give up some foods, but it’s easier than you would think! Jenny helps make it that way!  I loved the group support during the course!”

Imagine in just 3 short months....

You are proud of yourself for finally figuring it out!

You’re sleeping better!

You have energy for the whole day!

You aren’t using OTC medicine to mask pain!

Freedom to enjoy food again without any guilt!

Your clothes are looser and you feel better!

Your doctor is pleased with your results!

You have energy for fun exercise!

You are EXCITED for your life!