Personalized Nutrition

Personalized nutrition is on the rise!  When it comes to healthy eating and diets, one size does not fit all!  We have been bombarded with so many diets and new ways to eat over the years.  Do they work?  Of course, they all have some benefit and they work for a while.  Then your body stops responding OR you get tired of following strict guidelines.  You end up back at square one or even worse than when you started.

As I have learned from tailoring Brady’s way of eating to support healing for his autoimmune illnesses, personalized nutrition could truly be the answer for long term health.

What is personalized nutrition?

This is using the healing properties of food to boost your health.  It’s figuring out your personal food intolerances and making adjustments.  Everyone is so different!  Most people would say broccoli is a super healthy food.  Yes, it can be, but for some people they need to avoid or reduce it in their diet.

When you know what food serves your body, it is so much easier to stay on track with healthy eating!

Improve Gut Health and Lower Inflammation

Chronic illness such as autoimmune diseases can be eased by eating a variety of healthy foods to address gut health and inflammation.  A health coach can personalize your diet to aid in improving gut health.  Most people eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) could benefit from better gut health!  I don’t have autoimmune diseases.  When I worked on gut health with nutrition, signs and symptoms that I thought were signals of aging actually got better.  Hello, more energy and better sleep!  Goodbye regular headaches and bloating!

As a health coach, I love helping people personalize their nutrition.  I have found it fascinating how different people have different tolerances for foods.  It’s very similar to how people have different tastes.  I love to rework people’s favorite meals to incorporate healing foods and substitute foods that don’t support their health.

Learn to Love Real Food Again

I love to cook!  I have learned over the years how to adjust meals depending on the tastes of my girls.  They each have different foods they love and dislike.  I have become great at planning meals around these parameters.  I can help people do the same around taste preferences and food intolerances.

When you love healthy food, you don’t feel like you’re on a diet.  Getting back to the basics of eating real whole foods could be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Food is meant to be nourishing AND delicious!  When you start switching your mindset to eating for healing, you choose differently.  Eating the rainbow makes sense.  You know that eating a variety of vegetables will give you a good dose of nutrients.

Food Can be the Best Medicine

As I teach about nourishing foods, my clients always agree that it makes sense.  Our grandparents didn’t eat so much food from a box or a drive thru line.  We have sacrificed healing nutrition for convenience.  I love to show people how healthy cooking doesn’t have to be as hard as they think.

Personalized nutrition is using food as the best medicine.  Our bodies are amazing!  They tell us what they need.  Our bodies need nutrients that only real food can provide!

My coaching school, ITN, says that personalized nutrition is getting increasingly popular.  Doctors and dieticians are taught more protocols and are strapped for time to spend with their patients.  Health coaches can help you follow their instructions while tailoring plans to your body and tastes.

The Global Wellness Summit agrees that personalized nutrition is becoming more mainstream.  People are fed up with “diets” and want long lasting health!

Break Up With Processed Food

One of my favorite responses from one of my clients is “This diet is weird.  The food actually tastes good!”  We have been trained that diet means restriction and less enjoyment of food.  There is another way!

When you make the break from processed foods and chemical induced tastes, your body adjusts.  You actually begin to crave the foods that your body needs.  As a childhood picky eater, I never believed I would crave vegetables, but I do now!  Your body knows what it needs, but if you fill it with processed foods it can’t function correctly.

Personalized Nutrition Could Be the Key to Chronic Illness

With the rise of autoimmune diseases including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac, etc., personalized nutrition is going to become so much more important!  My family knows first-hand how important!

Brady used food to heal and reduce his symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and psoriatic arthritis.  He still is tweaking his diet as he figures out what foods cause flares and what foods make him feel good.  He’s been able to get off his medications for autoimmune diseases because of his personalized nutrition.

You Can Figure It Out!

As my clients figure out their food triggers, they discover new foods that satisfy their taste buds and make them feel good.  As many times as I coach people through that, I still love the realization that comes from them that it really works!

I believe most people are tired of investing in another diet and following someone else’s rules.  We’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt!

Personalized nutrition teaches you how to eat for your body to optimize your overall health!  It can help address vitamin and mineral deficiencies, boost your gut health, and can reduce inflammation.  You no longer have to pay someone else for special food.  Good healthy food is readily available in your local grocery store’s produce section!

Wouldn’t you love to know what foods to eat to feel amazing?  Personalized nutrition can be what you’ve been looking for!

I will be opening registration for my Aging to Amazing program on March 10th where I guide you through the process of personalizing your nutrition to start feeling amazing and living the life you deserve!

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