Part 2 12 Days of Midlife Fitmas

Part 2:12 days of Fitmas| Healthy Habits to Thrive in Midlife

Are you waiting for the “right time” to start working on your health?  There’s no such thing as a perfect time.  The best time to start healthy habits is TODAY!

I’ve been sharing the 12 days of Fitmas on Instagram and YouTube.  These are simple healthy habits that are easy enough to fit in even during the holidays!

You are worth the work!

This is what I’ll be coaching in my new Midlife health Revival group that starts in January!

If you missed part 1, you can find it here.

On the 5th day of Fitmas

your health coach Jenny gave to you….  the High 5 habit!

You need to stop listening to your inner critic and start talking to yourself with love!💕

You’ve tried willpower but your brain keeps arguing with you to stay the same.

Start breaking free of these limiting thoughts by using this high 5 habit.

Don’t listen to what the world or even your inner critic says about you. Listen to what God says about you- you are loved, amazing, and enough!

Are you ready to get unstuck from these limiting thoughts?

On the 6th day of Fitmas

your health coach Jenny gave to you…. 6 glasses of water!

Are you staying hydrated? Not just coffee soda, and egg nog!

Sneak in at least an extra cup of water!

Be sure to listen for my pro tip! You tend to make healthier choices when you drink water and you feel better! ready to get unstuck from these limiting thoughts?

If 6 glasses of water seems too much, start with one extra!

On the 7th day of Fitmas

your health coach Jenny gave to you…. 7 hours of sleep!

How do you feel when that alarm goes off in the morning?

Are you still exhausted as you drag yourself out of bed?

That was me especially during the years of parenting teenagers.

Over the last several years, I’ve learned a ton about getting better sleep and I want to share a few tips to help you sleep better!

Don’t accept that you’ll always be a poor sleeper! You can change with some simple adjustments to your routine.

When you sleep better, all the other health habits get easier!

On the 8th day of Fitmas

your health coach Jenny gave to you…. 8 counts of dancing!

When’s the last time you danced like no one was watching?

I love the joy that dancing brings. When I’m scrolling TikTok it full of dancing videos.

I have 2 daughters who are dance teachers so my dancing gets critiqued but I don’t let it stop me!

Dancing is a good way to move your body, relieve stress, and have fun!

Find ways to bring more joy into your life!

You deserve to thrive in Midlife!

When you take good care of yourself, you have the energy to fully enjoy life!

Simple healthy habits done consistently can get you bigger results than a go big approach.

If you’re ready to take the next right step on your health journey, I can help you!

Book a call here!

You deserve to thrive in Midlife!

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