Let’s go out to dinner!

Let me know if this sounds familiar:
• You had a bad day…. Let’s go out to dinner!
• You had a fantastic day… Let’s go out to dinner!
Don’t fret though, I imagine most of us fall into this trap of emotional eating.I remember growing up that going out to eat was a rare treat! People just didn’t go out to dinner nearly as much as we do today. Yet, we still hang onto the thought that it’s a treat.

This is an old belief that can be sabotaging your weight loss goals. You’ve decided to eat healthier to feel better and maybe drop a few pounds. You also don’t want to miss out on the social aspect and convenience of eating out.

There’s a way to do both! You can enjoy eating out AND stick to healthy eating without only ordering boring salads.
You haven’t made it this far in life without experimenting with a few diet plans, but have you considered a thought plan instead?

Learning to ask yourself better questions will help you figure out that you can enjoy healthy eating out!
• Instead of: What is the favorite thing on the menu?
• Ask yourself: What’s something on the menu I’ll enjoy AND will also make me feel good later?

There is always something between your favorite item on the menu and the boring salad.
• Instead of: I’m starving! What’s going to fill me up?
• Ask yourself: What’s something I can order that I can easily stop eating when I’ve had enough?

Your mind believes what you tell it! Are you really starving?? Like my mom used to tell me- don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach. Order something that you can have control by stopping when you had enough.
• Instead of: Who knows when I get to eat here again? How can I treat myself?
• Ask yourself: How can I make my meal a little healthier?

Be honest with yourself. This is not your last meal out, so stop treating it like it is.
• Instead of: What can I order that will make me feel less stressed?
• Ask yourself: How can I be proud of my choices AND enjoy myself?

Be where your feet are and enjoy the atmosphere and dinner conversation. This will help you unwind without the consequences of stress eating or drinking!
Instead of letting hangry you decide what to order, decide in advance either by looking at the menu ahead of time or pausing to ask yourself the better questions.
If you’re feeling frustrated with your weight, energy, and health, but also don’t want another restrictive diet, I can help you work on your thought plan that makes a healthy lifestyle easier and actually enjoyable!
Just comment below and I can help you get started!

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