It's unfair midlife middle

It’s So Unfair

Remember having to tell your kids over and over that life isn’t fair?☹️  We know that but still grumble when it doesn’t feel fair to us.

Does it make you mad that you can’t eat like you used to? Maybe the midlife middle has creeped on, or you’ve figured out you have a food intolerance. It’s not fair that someone can eat what they want and not seem to suffer the consequences that you do!

We’ve had a lot of that grieving at my house. First with my husband Brady realizing gluten was his trigger for autoimmune flares. He had to give up some of his favorite foods or suffer with aching joints, exhaustion, itchy skin, and brain fog. He also had to drastically reduce his sugar which is an addiction that runs deep! Lol.

Then my daughter Katelynn has had to learn to navigate high school, college, and now a study abroad as a Celiac. She can’t just eat what everyone else eats or she’ll get sick. She has to plan eating out more carefully than her friends.

Last year despite not changing my eating habits, my metabolism slowed down and my thyroid decided to not work properly. Not only was I mad at my body, but I felt like a fraud giving you nutrition advice.

I’ve dialed back in to listening to my body and experimenting a lot over the last 6 months to find what works for me.

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Mindful eating
  • Medication to help jump start my thyroid
  • No cow’s dairy or gluten
  • Lots of roasted vegetables and good quality meat.
  • More strength training over cardio
  • Good self-care to manage stress

I’m done with my pity party about once again having to adjust to changing hormones. I’ve been focusing on putting my body in a healing mode and I’m starting to feel like myself again.

What works for one person, might not work for another. Even what works for you now, might not 6 months from now. You have to personalize your nutrition for your body and make changes when necessary.

Is it unfair? Does it take a little more time? Yes, but so what? You are worth taking loving care of!

If you’re exhausted trying to figure out the missing puzzle piece, I’d love to help you!

Download my 21-day meal plan here and make it easy on yourself!

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