Is it worth it?

But is it worth it?

I remember one lazy summer afternoon at my best friend Courtney’s house. Her mom had just been to the store the day before and there was a brand new half gallon of Bluebell Cookies and Cream ice cream in the freezer for us. That afternoon I did something I’d never done before and haven’t done since- we sat there and ate the whole dang thing!
Cookies and cream ice cream was my favorite at the time! Did I feel great afterward? As you can imagine, no I didn’t! 😆 But was it worth it? Yes, that day it was! (Thanks to my teenage metabolism I wasn’t too worse for the wear!)
Part of having a good thought plan to go with your meal plan is being in control of your choices. Yes, there is a way to enjoy delicious food AND not regret your choices later!

Ask yourself is it worth it?
Unfortunately, food sensitivities don’t take a vacation. You know that there are some foods that you know make your joints hurt or your tummy rumble.
Today, eating that cookies and cream ice cream would not be worth the stomach pains and inflammation to me. Instead, I choose a dairy-free ice cream instead without the tummy ache!
You have to decide if the one-time treat is worth the consequences.
Sometimes it is! Be honest with yourself and choose if the taste is worth the symptoms later.

I’ve found that as time goes on that I choose feeling good over tasting good more often. Instead of I can’t have that, say I choose not to have it.
This one question has helped a lot of my clients slowly but surely make better eating choices because they realize that junk food just isn’t worth it.
Feeling good and aging well are so much more rewarding than a fleeting blast to the tastebuds!
Instead of being restrictive with yourself, ask yourself if it’s worth it or is there a better option?

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