Have You Forgotten How to Relax?

The holidays are a great time to unwind and relax, right?  I feel like my to-do list doubles during them.  More meals, more presents, more cleaning, etc.   Once they are over it’s nice to just chill and rest.  Sounds awesome, but what if you have forgotten how to relax and just be?

My daughters noticed while they were home for Christmas break that I’d forgotten how to relax.  Definitely a first world problem.

Forgotten How To Relax

It got me thinking about my routines.  I had to have a tight schedule as the girls were growing up to get them to all their activities, get my work done, and get everyone fed.  It slowed a little when they each started driving and eventually one by one left for college.

Empty nest was going to be so easy!  My schedule only to worry about.

I went on several work trips with Brady this Fall along with a couple vacations.  They were amazing trips and if you saw on Instagram or Facebook you would say we knew how to relax and enjoy ourselves.

We were having a lot of fun, but I’m not sure we learned to relax.  Each new destination came with a list of restaurants and sites that were a must do.  Each trip required tons of work before and after to keep up.

We returned from our last trip 9 days before Christmas.  Our girls were home from college by then.  We jumped right back into work and preparing for Christmas.

I thrive in my to-do lists.

My daughters were glad to be home and on break from college.  They just wanted to sleep late, watch Netflix, and relax.  I envied them.

They saw how I was getting up early to work, working all day, and cooking and reading before I was exhausted each night.  They told me that I forgotten how to relax and do nothing.

Even when I laid down on the couch, I had a pad of paper handy for list making.  I had to be doing something while we watched TV.

I knew they were right.  I’d had tons of fun traveling, but I had forgotten how to relax.

I’m working on finding times to just be.  Why is this so hard?

Silence the Noise

To start learning to relax, I realized I need to have times without technology.  I’m not talking crazy like a total media fast.  Just times when I’m not scrolling, posting, or reading.  Time to think my own thoughts.

Screen Time

I’m taking breaks from my phone.  I want to journal more and uncover my dreams.  The only way to do that is to get quiet.  I want to be more intentional about using my phone.  I’m not touching my phone for the first 30 minutes I’m awake as part of my morning routine.

I want more time outside in nature and less time in front of a screen.  As much as I love Hallmark movies and Netflix, they don’t always give me the rest I need.  During the winter, I’m not outside as much and I notice I miss it.


My prayer and devotional time has gotten too short lately.  I want more time spent listening for God’s voice in my life.  That means I need to spend more quality time in the Word and prayer.  I can’t be multitasking during this time.

If you need a good devotional, I love using the She Reads Truth website.  Several years ago I got their Bible and followed their reading plan to read the whole Bible from beginning to end.


As a chronic light sleeper, I have to make my sleep a priority or before I know it, I’m exhausted.  I want to make more time to wind down at night to prepare for sleep.  More bubble baths, calming tea, and pleasure reading!  I have no trouble getting up early, but I’m giving myself permission to sleep later when I need it.  I also plan to work in some luxurious naps on the weekend!


I plan to start practicing a mini-Sabbath.  No work from Saturday afternoon till Sunday afternoon.  Owning your own business means every day can be a workday.  I recognize that I need time off to let my mind rest.

Be in the Moment

I want more times where I’m only in the moment.  Enjoying this wonderful life and not thinking of my to-do lists.  I don’t want to have to go on vacation to relax.

Rest and relaxation are so important to your health.  It helps lower your stress hormone cortisol.  It gives your body a chance to reset.  I know this, and now I plan to do this.

It’s difficult to do when there seems to be a never ending list of things to get done but finding time to just chill is important. Find ways to relax by slowing down. You will find that you can be more productive if you allow yourself time to unwind.

If you need permission to find more time to relax, I’m giving it to you!  It takes practice, but you’re worth it!

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