Clear the clutter

Clear The Clutter

Clutter is a distraction and keeps you from making progress!  What clutter, both physical and mental, do you need to clear out in order to achieve inevitable success? Physical clutter affects your mental focus and ability to think and perform.  You might think it’s not bothering you.  If you struggle with attention span like most of of us, then clutter can be making it worse!

Mental clutter is the head chatter that operates in the background distracting you from your goal. It includes the inner critic, limiting beliefs and old programming.  It’s usually on the subconscious level so you might not even be aware of it!

Clear The Clutter Exercise

Spend a few minutes brainstorming some of the clutter that you need to clear out in order to move forward with your goals. Find a quiet environment with minimal distractions. Be sure you’re in comfortable clothing and the room temperature is not too hot or too cool. Play some soothing music if that relaxes you or allow the room to be silent.

Use a pad of paper and pen for this exercise, as there is something beneficial from the kinesthetic act of putting pen to paper. Light a candle, burn some incense or diffuse some essential oils to set the mood to open your mind. Meditate for a few moments before you write if that helps ground you in the moment and open your creativity channels.

Write down all the possible obstacles, clutter, and potential roadblocks you might encounter with achieving your inevitable success. Don’t pre-judge any thoughts, just get them down on the paper.

After about 10-15 minutes or when no more thoughts or ideas are coming to you, stop writing and look at your list. Can you put these into different categories? Everyone’s list will look different and unique. To get you started, here are a few areas to consider.

Clutter In Your Environment

Where can you expect to find environmental physical clutter? There may be clutter in an office setting that distracts and draws you away from focusing on your goal. Clear off your desktop and organize your drawers and folders if your goal involves work on your computer. Make sure you have all the necessary office supplies to reach your goal as well; pens, paper, markers, folders, etc. and have these all organized in a way that they are easily accessible.

Your brain is processing all that it sees, so a clean desk helps you focus!

Maybe you need to spend some time clearing clutter from a closet. This would be an important location to be sure you’re organized for a goal that involves dressing in a particular way. When you have a cluttered and chaotic clothing closet, you’ll waste time preparing for work or speaking engagements when you can’t find the outfits that you need to show up looking professional.

I’m working towards only having clothes I love in my closet.  All the clothes I held onto just in case take up too much room and give me decision fatigue on picking out outfits.  Only keep clothes that fit you now.  They’re a great gauge on your health habits!

If your goal involves eating healthy or losing weight, clearing out the clutter in your pantry and refrigerator are important places to tackle. Remove all the foods that trigger mindless or emotional eating. Unhealthy, processed junk food should be removed and replaced with healthy options.

Be sure all of your cooking supplies, spices, seasonings, oils, and vinegars are organized to make it easier to prepare healthy meals and snacks. While you’re in there clearing the unhealthy items, check dates on healthy options and if they’re past their expiration date or it’s something you know you’ll never consume, toss it out and recycle containers.

I notice when my pantry is a mess that I’m less motivated to cook!  I usually declutter it about once a quarter.

Mental Clutter

What about that emotional clutter that needs to be cleared out to reach your inevitable success? Mental/emotional clutter includes your old limiting beliefs, past assumptions and wrongful interpretations. Mental clutter also includes that nagging voice that we all have that runs an endless tape of negativity and gloom and doom. The ‘inner critic’ and the ‘gremlin’ are popular terms for this voice.

While it’s impossible to clear out the inner critic completely, you can clear the clutter it stirs up by becoming aware of this voice and shining a light on it. When that inner critic shows up to tell you that you’ll never reach your goal or achieve success, thank the critic for its concern and tell it to take a hike.

The purpose of this voice in your head is meant to protect you. However it delights in keeping you small and out of the spotlight. That means it likes you to stay in your comfort zone where you’re never going to achieve big goals. Be aware of this inner critic and know that it’s normal to hear its chatter. Simply being aware of it will help keep your mental game less cluttered.

Old programming and limiting beliefs will clutter up your mind and interfere with your ability to accomplish this or other big goals. Examine these old tapes that are running in your mind and determine if they are actually true. Ask yourself what makes them true. Does everyone believe these things to be absolutely true?

One of the most common limiting beliefs that we often carry around since childhood has to do with money beliefs. Have you heard or repeated any of these statements?

  • Money is the root of all that is evil.
  • I’m just not that good with money.
  • Money can’t buy you happiness.
  • You have to work very hard in order to make money.
  • You need to spend money to make money.

When you believe these statements and others like them as if they are absolute truths, your inevitable success around a money goal or business success could be sabotaged before you even get started. Health goals and weight loss goals may never be realized when you believe that you’re not worthy of a lean, healthy body or achieving fitness.

Identify and clear out any head clutter in order to set yourself up for inevitable success with your goals. You may want to seek out a coach to help you with this faulty programming and limited belief system. Do what ever it takes to clear the clutter and set yourself up for inevitable success.

The mental clutter is sneaky and if you’re not aware of it then it can really sabotage your progress!  I teach you a process of uncovering and removing this clutter in my Fueled For Fun Program.  It’s the first step before we address your eating, sleeping, exercising, or self-care habits.  If you want to see if the program is a good fit for you, send me an email and will set up a quick call!

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