Bucket List


Have you had a big bucket list goal or dream but thought you’re too old to go after it?  I used to let my age get in the way.  No longer will I let age or excuses stop me!  Running a 10K race had been on my bucket list for awhile.  I finally decided to go for it before I turned 50 this year.

I’m sharing my story to inspire you to go after that dream you keep wishing for.  I believe in you!


Tips for Your Bucket List Goal:

  1. Pick a goal.
  2. Start small and build from there!
  3. Hire a coach to help!
  4. Be consistent!
  5. Visualize success!
  6. Believe in yourself!

Here’s my journey to my first 10 K race before my 50th birthday!

The training and mindset shift it took to run a 10 K race by 50 was completely worth it! The feeling of accomplishment at the finish line has not faded and reminds me to keep going after my big dreams no matter how old I am!

You are NOT too old and it’s NOT too late!  You can accomplish your big dreams too!

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