If it has to do with learning how to get and stay healthy as you age, I can help!

Jenny Waters empty nest health coach

So let’s start here (check all that apply):

I’m here because I…

… feel like I know what to do but I just don’t do it.

… am tired of my doctor giving me more pills to fix another problem.

…thought I would have more energy for fun at this stage in life.

… want to eat healthier food, but I don’t want to follow another restrictive diet.

… am tired all the time and wish I could just sleep better.

… really want to be active in my life instead of just complaining about getting older.

… really want to feel good again without so many aches and pains.

… have an autoimmune disease want to try a holistic approach to control it.

GOOD NEWS, my friend! There is no wrong answer. If any or all of the above apply, you’re in the right spot.

Howdy!  I’m Jenny Waters and I’m excited to teach you the most effective methods to nourish your body back to health so you have the energy you crave to fuel your dreams!

I’m known by most of my clients as the Queen of Follow Through  because I’m all about creating small sustainable habits that make you feel good and create momentum.

That means you will stop feeling life a failure after an extreme diet doesn’t stick.

I believe in progress and grace over perfection.  You change your habits when you feel good not when you’re restricted and shamed.

I can be your biggest supporter!

Let’s get to know one another better

I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach who loves to cook delicious healthy food you crave!

I am an empty nest mama to 3 daughters and married to my college sweetheart, Brady.

We are a family of Texas Aggies.  (Yes, we brainwashed them!)

I got my degree in mechanical engineering because I had a teacher say girls couldn’t be engineers.  I did it, but found that it’s not where my passion lies.

I was a church youth director for 10 years.  If I can lead teenagers to follow their dreams, I can definitely help you find your way!

I ran my first 10K race two months shy of my 50th birthday in 2020!


What’s so important about lowering inflammation anyway?

You probably have the heard the term inflammation linked to health a lot.  Controlling inflammation is not only crucial for autoimmune sufferers like my husband, but also for those who want to age well.

When I graduated as a CTNC, I immediately knew I wanted to  help empty nesters nourish their bodies with anti-inflammatory foods, restorative sleep, energizing exercise, and routine self-care.

You’ve worked hard to get to this season of life and you deserve to feel amazing to make the most of it!

Our Health Journey

I know the ups and downs of dieting and working out to try to look good and feel good.  The results seemed to be fleeting at best. My desire to get better sleep and more energy led me to research health and learn a lot about how nutrition is the best medicine there is!

I lost over 25 pounds without counting calories and having to exercise myself to exhaustion.

After changing what he ate, not how much, Brady was able to significantly ease his 3 autoimmune symptoms, improve his blood pressure and cholesterol, lose over 50 pounds, stop taking over 50 pills a week, and feel 20 years younger!


Before Our Lifestyle Change

Fully Enjoying Our Baby’s Senior Year

Turning 50 Strong and Healthy!

If you’re tired of trying the latest diet and feeling like a failure,
I would love to help you RECLAIM your health and enjoy food again!

Jenny Waters, CTNC

After our transformation, I studied to become a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach from ITN.  I have the tools to help you find the answers like we did!

Together we can find the root cause of your health struggles and not just put a bandaid on your symptoms!

There is not one cookie cutter diet that works for everyone.  I know I can help you find your own way back to health that is customized to fit your lifestyle.

I can help you figure out a way to incorporate good nutrition, manageable exercise and excellent sleep habits into your crazy wonderful life!

Here's what your life can look like in 3 months:

Energy to Enjoy Life

Freedom from calorie counting and restrictive eating

Feeling healthy and confident with less aches and pains

Knowledge of how to use REAL food as medicine