50 Easy Ways for Self-Care this Fall

50 Easy Ways for Self-Care this Fall

After Labor Day, mentally it feels like Fall.  Although it still physically feels like summer especially here in Texas.  I have always felt like Fall was similar to January.  It’s time to set new routines and new goals for the upcoming year.  When my girls were in school, I would get a planner  that ran from September to August to map out our new routine with the girls’ activity schedule.

These days my schedule is a whole lot more flexible with the girls grown.  I’m still taking this time to reset and plan for this season with meals, workouts, fun, and relaxation.  If you’re feeling a little run down, I want to encourage you to schedule time for you on the calendar.  Self-care is not selfish!

If you’ve been so busy taking care of others and forgotten how to practice self-care, here are 50 ideas of self-care to start entering in your calendar.  You deserve to feel your best, so make them non-negotiable!

This Fall Self Care Checklist is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical or healthcare advice. The information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, cure or prevent any illness, medical condition or mental or emotional condition. * There are a few affiliate links that I will receive a small commission for purchases.

Self Care = Nourishing your body

Self-Care = Nourishing Your Body

Do you start off the new season with great plans to pack a healthy lunch every day and plan delicious healthy meals for the week?  Then life gets busy and slowly those habits fade away and before you know it, you’re back to eating fast food.

Been there done that and got the t-shirt.  Ha!

Try these simple self-care ideas for nourishing your body with good food so you can avoid the drive thru.

1. Make ahead pumpkin overnight oats for breakfast. Easy to grab and go!

2. Plan your meals on the weekend.

3. Cook extra to be repurposed for another meal or used for lunches.

4. Use your crock pot so you come home to an already cooked meal.

5. Use resources like online groceries, Butcher Box, Imperfect Foods to save you time.

6. Have a few go-to meals in the freezer.

7. Try a new Paleo recipe from Pinterest.

8. Eat more seasonal vegetables (squash, sweet potato, carrots).

9. Enjoy a nice cup of cinnamon tea in the evening to relax from the day.

10. Start including turmeric, ginger, and garlic in cooking to prevent sickness.

11. Make a pumpkin spice latte with coconut milk and pumpkin puree.

Need Recipe Ideas?

Grab my Fall recipe guide  and get ready to celebrate Fall with the ones you love over a home cooked meal!

Self- Care = Move your Body

Self-Care = Moving Your Body

Schedule your workouts and they are a whole lot more likely to happen!  After I meal plan, I also map out my workouts for the week.  Find what time of day works best for you and commit to yourself to just do it.

Here are some fun Fall ideas to get your movement for self-care:

12. Go for a bike ride with your significant other.

13. Go walking at a local park and enjoy the fall colors.

14. Try out a new exercise class- either virtual or in person.

15. Set a micro goal (ex. Walk for 5 minutes each day) and slowly build it to your bigger goal.

16. Go kayaking or canoeing.

17. Use yoga and stretching to unwind at night.

18. Run a 5K race- virtual or in person.

19.  Have a dance party for 1.

Self- Care Strengthen Your Immune System

Self-Care = Strengthening your Immune System

I always recommend to my clients to use food first to get your nutrients and supplement when needed.  While I can’t recommend a personalized supplement regimen for those who are not my clients, these are some basic ones you might consider.

20. Take a Multivitamin

21. Try a Probiotic for good gut health

22. Omega 3- eat fish a few times a week or supplement.

23. Get your Vitamin D- sunshine or supplement

24. Vitamin C preferably through a balanced diet of leafy greens and a rainbow of veggies or through a supplement

25. Elderberry Syrup– great immune support and antioxidant.

26. Supplement with Magnesium for a good night’s sleep

Self Care = Sleep

Self-Care = Prioritizing Sleep

With a new season and a new routine, it’s also important to get into a good sleep routine.  Going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning improves your sleep.  Don’t fall into the trap that you’ll make up for lost sleep later.  When you get a good 7-8 hours of sleep every night, you will feel better and your body will function better.

Develop a good sleep routine and you’ll have enough energy for fun!

27. Set a consistent bedtime and set an alarm on your phone

28. Wake up at the same time every day

29. No blue light screens an hour before bed

30. Keep your bedroom cozy- cool and dark.

31. Set a caffeine curfew early in the day

32. Stop snoozing the alarm. Set your alarm across the room.  It gets easier, I promise!

33. Enjoy some cozy new fall pajamas.

Self Care = Self Love

Self- Care = Self Love

Self-care sometimes feels selfish and it’s easy to let slip.  Self- care is not just how you’re eating, exercising, and sleeping, but also how you unwind and de-stress!

Here are some ideas to bring joy and calm into your week:

34. Practice meditation or tapping with an app.

35. Start a Gratitude journal

36. Do a face mask/ facial.

37. Get a Massage to relieve sore muscles

38. Take a hot bath with Epsom salts.

39. Practice mindful breathing.

40. Buy some fall mums to brighten your home

41. Light a fall scented candle.

42. Do a digital detox from all devices. Try to do this weekly.

Self Care is Fun

Self-Care = FUN!

With a new season, comes new activities and fun.  Plan things just for fun!  Health is not all work and no play!  This fall I’m hoping we get college football.

Fun activities for Fall

43. Watch a Football Game.

44. Visit a local farmers market.

45. Play board games

46. Try a new farm to table restaurant.

47. Roast marshmallows and hang out by the fire pit.

48. Host a porch party.

49. Go for a Sunday drive.

50. Carve a pumpkin.

I hope you take this new season as a time to re-set and focus on self-care.  The world needs your gifts and you can share them better when you are feeling your best!  You deserve to be well taken care of and it starts with scheduling time for YOU on your calendar!

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